The Soviet Politburo is the main command and executive committee for all Communist Political Parties. During the year 1982, the members of the Politburo make the executive decision of Operation: Red Storm, with a vote of eleven to two, with the former winning the vote.


Aftermath of the Nizhnevartovsk Oilfield DisasterEdit

The MeetingEdit

In the year 1982, in the aftermath of Nizhnevartovsk Oil Field disaster, the Chief Of Energy delivers a report to the Politburo and Central Commitee on the epic disaster. After the Chief Of Energy delivers a report, the head of the Central Commitee asks him many questions. After a while, all members in the room had agreed to decide on a final solution.

Presenting A PlanEdit

Fortunately, the head of the Central Committee already had one and had delivered it. The plan was to deploy forces directly into the Gulf, seizing the oil fields there for there own. However there was a catch, the United Nations, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the United States would retaliate to this a response of threatened domination and power. The would counter this threat and a war would begin in the Gulf. Fortunately, the head of the Central Committee had a plan that would eliminate this. The plan was known as Operation: Red Storm. The plan would be to keep the West off guard and preoccupied, specifically NATO. Soviet forces would be deployed into Iceland and Western Europe, keeping NATO at bay and off guard. And the Soviet Navy would be deployed into the North Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean to patrol the waters and keep the United States off guard and off balance. Now, the vote had to be made.

The VoteEdit

The vote was initiated, and the vote came to be exactly eleven to two, with the former winning. The planning for Operation: Red Storm would begin, and the plan would be initiated in exactly four months.