The Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, or the Director of the CIA, or just the DCIA for short, is the highest and head position of the Central Intelligence Agency/CIA


The role of the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency is simple, to command and controll the entire CIA for all the CIA does in its way for domestic and foreign operations. He command and controlls all personell of the CIA, and organizes all day-to-day issues and duties of the CIA, as well as all open and clandestine/espionage/secret operations and missions the CIA might undertake.


During the prelude to World War III, the current DCIA presented a paper to the President of the United States of America (POTUS), about the potontial threat/threats presented by the Soviet Union. Both he and the President knew about the Soviet threat against NATO, but did not know why. The day before the President had delivered a speech to his people about it, and said that it would have to be solved diplomatically. The DCIA responded with the fact that it could not be, but the United States would just have to mean business against the Soviet Union. The President immediately agreed with this idea.