The Director of Foreign Operations Analysis was a position of the Foreign Operations Analysis. The Directer of the FOA headed and controlled all operations the organization undertook, and examined any intel/data the analysists detected and aquired. The only known DFOA was Colonel Mellethin


The role of the Director of Foreign Operations Analysis is simple, to command and control the entire FOA in their detection, analysis and reporting of Foreign intelligence and documents. The DFOA also organizes all operations and analyzations undertook by the FOA.


During the preface to World War III, Johannes Bitner, Colonel Mellethin and two other unidentified men met in a secret room to discuss the threat of biological and chemical warfare and the destructive effects that they have on infrastructure and ecological and biological life. They discussed the possibility of the Soviets using these weapons, in the event that the might assault Germany and NATO.

Known Directors of Foreign Operations AnalysisEdit

1. Colonel Mellethin